About Us

The National Capital Texas A&M Club is the focal point for Aggies in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.   The club was chartered in 1946 and incorporated in the District of Columbia in 1995.  The purpose of the club is to:

  • Serve as a focal point for and promote kinship among former students of Texas A&M University and their families in Washington, D.C., and adjacent areas; and
  • Assist the community, the University, and the Association of Former Students in any worthy undertaking to the best of its ability as a Club and as individual former students; and establish and maintain scholarships for worthy D.C. area students to attend the University.


Mission Statement

To connect Former Students to each other and to support the mission of Texas A&M University through Education, Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service in the greater Washington, D.C., area.

Organizational Structure of NCTAMC


NCTAMC Officer Positions & Descriptions

Past Leadership

President: The president oversees the day-to-day affairs of the Club and serves as the Club’s liaison with the Association of Former Students and the National Capital Texas A&M Club Endowment.

First Vice President: The first vice president presides at meetings in the absence of the president and acts as the Secretary of the Club. The first vice president is the liaison with other Capital area university alumni organizations and Texas-related associations (such as the Texas State Society).

Vice President of Activities:  The vice president of activities oversees the planning and execution of the Club’s activities and programs.

Vice President of Student Outreach:  The vice president of student outreach chairs the scholarship committee, represents the Club in matters pertaining to the continuing relationship with TAMU, and serves as the liaison for the “Aggie Interns” in the Capital region (including the ANRP and PIPP programs). Additionally the VP of student outreach develops networking events for engaging interns during their time in the Capital region; is responsible for the Developing Connections Aggie Program (the “DCAP”), which pairs interns with established Aggies in the community each semester; and serves as the liaison between the Club and the alumni organization of the Bush School of Government and Public Service – Texas A&M University.

Vice President of Career Development:  The vice president of career development seeks to expand the Club’s resources and its footprint in the National Capital area, works with the Directors and Officers of the Club to develop a comprehensive development plan for the Club, looks for new and innovative ways to reach out to Aggies in the Capital region and include them in all Club activities, and works on networking nights and other initiatives.

Vice President of Communications: The vice president of communications is responsible for communicating to the membership by updating the website, maintaining the Club’s membership contact information, sending newsletters, recruiting new membership, and managing the Club’s social media accounts.

 Vice President of Finance: The vice president of finance serves as the Treasurer of the Club; has custody of all funds and securities of the Club, and is responsible for the maintenance of the Club’s bank and financial accounts, including preparing the annual budget and annual tax reports.


NCTAMC Leadership Elections

Per the  NCTAMC Bylaws, the club nominating committee nominates the slate of officers to be voted on by the active membership of the club. Officer vacancies are elected annually, and Board vacancies are elected every three years.