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Housing and Jobs Discussion Forum

Two of the most common questions the National Capital Texas A&M Club fields from people planning on moving to or within the area are:

  1. What jobs are available?
  2. Where should I live?

As part of our mission to support and connect Aggies in the nation’s capital, the DC Aggies maintain two separate discussion forums on our Facebook page. Here, we promote conversations between Ags in the area who might have leads on employment or housing opportunities that might fit the needs of fellow Aggies. Check out the discussions and find your new job or place!

And don’t forget about HireAggies, the Association’s exclusive resource where it’s all Ags looking to bring on other Ags in a huge variety of career fields and locations.

For more general information on the different areas of Washington, check out all the cool neighborhoods in the District that might be the perfect fit for you!