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Aggie Spotlight: Justin & Katelyn Cruce

Here in the DMV, I’ve come across some of the most intelligent, kind and hard-working people through my time in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Residents of this area live a lifestyle that is fiercely-driven by their ambitions, personal morals and worrisome amounts of caffeine.

Stepping into the role of VP Comms for NCTAMC ( or just DC Ags) I wanted a provide chance to get to share the intimate details of those amazing people I am constantly blessed to meet on a day-to-day basis. So I tried to think of the best way to tap into such a rich resource. I thought about some of my favorite platforms and methods I’ve seen before.

I settled on the example of Vogue, who conducts authentic video interviews through a series of questions that are similar to the ice-breakers we’re all forced to do at work retreats and team-building exercises. While those exercises make me want to curl into a ball and die rather than share a ‘fun fact’ about myself–telling personal stories based on the shared love of our university seemed way more approachable.

So! without further ado, here’s our first interview with Justin Cruce ’13 and his wife Katelyn, who married into the Aggie family.



Why did you choose TAMU for your studies?
I’m a 3rd generation Aggie; I had no desire to apply anywhere else.          

What’s your favorite Aggie tradition?

What advice would you give yourself as a Fish if you could go back? As a Senior?
It is better to learn all you can in school, rather than waiting to learn it in the field. As a Senior it would be to network as much as you can.


What brought you up to DC?
My wife was transferred here for military service

What’s the best lesson you’ve learned on the job? 
Put in the hard work early on so you can take it easy later.

What’s your favorite DC gem you’d like to share?
Bar/Restaurant: Buffalo Billiards

Activity: Visiting the surrounding breweries.
Venue: Carter Mountain Orchard
Museum: Smithsonian National Museum of American History


How would you describe your hometown? 
J: Typical small town, Texas
K: Small country town, focused on football; graduating class of 400

What’s been the hardest part about living in the district? 
J: Coping with transient personalities
K: Less friend interactions. I”m used to North Carolina country roads and waving to everyone

What’s been the best part about living here? 
J: Visiting historical sites
K: There is always something to do/see/explore. Also the running routes. 

Describe a perfect Sunday for you?
J: Hunting in the morning, football in the afternoon.

K: Brunch, Costco, Breweries, Movie night with Justin

What’s the most ‘Texas’ thing you’ve ever said or done?
Justin: I continue to say that someone is “All hat and no cattle”, and “This ain’t my first rodeo” to people in DC. 

What accomplishment are you most proud of in your life?
Katelyn: Marrying Justin & receiving my Airline Transport Pilot certificate/rating and finishing USAF pilot training


Would you rather be yourself in another era, or someone else right now? 
J: Myself in a different era. For reference see ‘A Different Day’ by Cody Johnson
K: Myself in the 1970s

What would your walk-up song be?
J: Take me to Texas by George Straight

K: Mony Mony by Billy Idol

What skill do you wish you had?
J: A working knowledge of stocks/bonds and trading

K: A better memory

What’s your biggest pet peeve? 
J: Slow cars in the passing lane
K: Slow walkers and people that don’t use turn signals

Who is your favorite Texas celebrity?
J: Tommy Lee Jones
K: George Foreman


Rangers or Astros?  Cowboys or Texans?
Rangers, Cowboys

Willie Nelson or George Strait?  
George Strait

Favorite spot for BBQ? Tacos? 
Hickory House (Hometown favorite), El Come Taco (Dallas)

Favorite beer?
J: Shiner
K: A delightful Amber Ale from any craft brewery #beersnob

Anything else we should know?? 
“Texas is the finest piece of the globe that has ever graced my vision.” — Sam Houston

I’m sure this will be a work in progress, so if you have suggestions for questions, or people you want to nominate email me at dcaggies.comm@gmail.com

Thanks for joining y’all.